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Gary Seto

Gary Seto Professional Photo_edited_edit

Gary Seto was born in Calgary, AB in 1983. Growing up, he was very quiet and enjoyed watching cartoons, game shows, and sports on TV. When he turned 14 years old, he began his first job at a Canada Post postal outlet as a clerk - working for $4.50 per hour on the weekends. When he turned 16, he took on a hobby to trade stocks and became familiar with the Dow Jones. During high school, Gary was an award winning student in sciences and math but he struggled with languages and history.

During his University Years at the University of Waterloo, Gary successfully completed a degree in Systems Design Engineering and was very popular in business throughout his Co-op terms.

After graduation, there was a major downturn in the economy that pulled down major businesses and Gary was also affected. As the biggest bull market in history began in 2009, Gary started a new cycle of growth and gained momentum in his business maturity. He founded his own business - DIA Earth Corporation in 2015 and developed top class infrastructure during the next several years. Currently, he is working on building his network, directing a small business on Arise, and contracting with Appen. His hobbies include reading, cryptocurrency mining/investing, and playing video games.

We do not know exactly how this story continues, but Gary aspires to turn DIA Earth Corporation into the largest company in the world by market capitalization one day.

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