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Dating - The Game

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

I will tell you: the objective of all dating and relationships is to end up with the best life partner possible. Some may date because they want sex; but with who, how, and how much should have the goal of complementing the end result.

If we date too much; we may not cherish our experiences with our true love. On the other hand, lacking experience may result in unwell urges and bad curiosity during the maturing of your marriage; that is not good either.

Now that we understand the purpose of the dating process; we will focus on the right principals to gain control of the forming of our relationships. The process of meeting someone and starting a new relationship is a ‘game’ process. When an intent to create a dating relationship exists or when flirting occurs; the game begins. Consider this game to have a ranking system that tracks and keeps a log of these types of interactions and records how they result. For example, if a male expresses an intent to date and gets a denial from a potential partner; this interaction moves the male down in the rating scale deeming him to be a less suitable male for dating. In contrast, the female who rejected the male would move up above him in the rating system. The system deems someone higher in the rating system to be stronger in dating; and therefore more respected in relationships.

Some people advantage themselves in the rating system by attracting people to initiate a dating interaction with the sole purpose of rejecting them – in order to move themselves up in the dating ranks. Understanding the system and how these interactions work allows us to now create our own strategy to move ourselves up in the system so that we are in control of relationships.

A decent process to go about dating to build your confidence and control is to stick to this ratio: for every 10 partners you reject dating and flirting intent from, you accept one proposal. Because so many people flirt for the purpose of rejecting the recipient; this system allows you to move up your dating rank while at the same time allowing you to engage with someone you desire.

Now that we know how to get to know desirable partners, here are a few principals to ensure your dating experience is well and enjoyable. Understand to always respect the relationships of others – never do anything that hurts a good existing relationship such as by flirting with one of the partners. Treating the relationship of others with good intent gives your own dating good fortune. Next, understand to respect your own partners and never cheat while in a relationship – if you want to pursue someone else; be honest and end your existing relationship before pursuing a new one.

Always remember that the purpose of dating is to meet and complement your husband or wife. Create meanings and special messages through the dating process that makes your life partner happy.

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