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Me-myself am the Founder and CEO of DIA Earth Corporation – an organization with the objective of developing and connecting leadership for our next generation. The world will always need good leadership and that is why we must develop and mature new leaders for our next generation. Leadership is valuable because it promotes better decision making, wellness and safety in our communities, and allows our cultures to evolve over time.

Leadership potential is genetic and prepared before the candidate is born; but potential does not always guarantee the result of achievement – that is why we must take the initiative to promote and support the maturing of suitable leaders. DIA Earth Corporation utilizes an analysis system called the Quality of Life Rating System to identify people with potential; it selects people with good genes and the right infrastructure to mature. Our analysis also extends to good planning, being able to look through time to predict favorable outcomes from developing the right people. Once candidates are identified, DIA Earth Corporation has a Galaxy Leadership Development system to grow the star. Throughout the process, our organization intends to remain in control to keep the program well.

Our leadership program not only can create leaders in business, but in non-profit, theatre, politics, literature, and other industries as well. The concept of leadership extends past just a career, and once our original objectives are achieved, the job itself evolves over time. I feel that people who grow up to lead are always open to new ideas and advice; though new concepts are interesting, I understand that I must focus on my strengths to maximize my value to everything. Prioritization is important; some understand that living is important, but I believe love is greater.

From my perspective, leadership is a person who has the responsibility to represent and influence large entities to serve a high level purpose. Leaders can accomplish a lot of stuff, they may grow people and encourage them to work better, but a good leader can also demote individuals and suppress bad influences. A strong leader has prominence – factors in the environment that support their purpose.

How do we evaluate the performance of a leader during a lifetime? People have made systems that rate on a scale of 100, principals of ‘life is fair’ are considered, the measure of net good a person has done during their period is calculated, and the opinions of the total population is considered. I believe the formula in 2020 to be a well and successful leader is: to have good intent for your environment, intelligence (rational and emotional), adaptability to rotation, good fortune, and sweetness.

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