Quality of Life

Me-myself will actually turn 80 years old one day; and when I review the sweetness of the years I have lived, I would have rated my ‘quality of life’. When I pass; existence continues - and this is included in the rating.

Life can not be flawless. Some lives has it’s ups and downs, and some may grow slowly and steadily year after year – which one do you prefer?

I am now 36 years old: I have decided not to eat, clean, sleep, and work routinely everyday for 40 years of my life – because time will pass, and I believe that there will be regrets for not being bold with my strengths in business. However; business is just a career, and ends at 65: be accomplished, and have achievements - but recognize life extends beyond this topic.

The highest class of people including royalty have historically emphasized the importance of quality of life in developing and maturing leadership qualities. We know that many Kings have relaxed, been spoiled, and given complete freedom growing up. These should be important considerations as we build leaders for our next generation.

You may ask: “What is the path to a good and well quality of life?” Here are things to consider when making life decisions:

* What did you do to learn everything we needed to equip ourselves for the purpose of accomplishing your life objectives?

* What is the worth of putting aside 10 years to attempt and do what you truly want to do?

* What amount of hard work is sufficient to put into achieving your goals; so that you would have no regret?

* What does it signify that you were a good mentor and prepared the younger to have great lives?

* What is the value of having the best life partner?

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